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Geppetto's Smoke

TYPE : Stage

SIZE : 35 x 73 x 18.5 (mm)

TIME : 4 days

PRICE :  US$200

Creator : Kio

Creator Kio's New Product !!!


Geppetto Smoke boasts an explosive amount of non-fire and clear smoke for a moment.
Unlike mini-smoke devices that emit faint smoke that's low-volume and invisible.
Geppetto Smoke spouts spectacular and visual smoke that comes in at a glance.

This is due to hand-made coils calculated for safety.
Geppetto's handmade coils give you a sense of the richness of the figs!

Coils that are essential parts of the Smoke Device are not only self-replaceable but also include refill coils.
All parts can be purchased additionally.

Also, it's a handmade product, so you can easily get AS at any time. (Shipping fee aside)
This product can be used semi-permanently as long as you follow the precautions carefully.

      <Product Size>

Horizontal X Longitudinal X Height (mm)

35 X 73 X 18.5 (mm)

        <Basic Components>

Geppetto Smoke Device, remote control, charging connector, charging cable (C-Type or Micro 5pin),
30 ml liquid, 4 refill coils, 4 spare bolts, mini-driver, armband, hose 50 cm

Basic Components


※ Geppetto operates an A/S service and you can order magic tools.
(I will pay for order making and shipping A/S)

(Please understand that magic tool order production cannot be returned or refunded.)

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