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Pinocchio's Wood Bag

Pinocchio's Wood Bag

TYPE : Table/Bag

SIZE : 450 x 350 x 100

TIME : 14 days

PRICE : 420,000


​Creator : P.O

Geppetto에서 심혈을 기울여 개발한 북미산 호두나무소가죽으로 제작된

아주 고급스럽고 아름다운 핸드메이드 Close up 가방(Table) 입니다.

2018 FISM에서 처음 선보였으며, 많은 마술사들에게 극찬을 받았던 상품이기도 합니다.

패드 또한 Close up을 하기에 최적화 되도록 쿠션감 있게 제작 되었고

ex) Coin, Card, Cups and Balls

멀리 있는 관객에게 더 잘 보이기 위해 필요하면 높낮이 조절도 가능하게 되어 있습니다.

(카드 및 작은 도구들도 수납 가능하며 큰 팔러 도구들도 넣을 수 있게 되어 있습니다.)

가방으로 제작되어 휴대가 용이하고

언제 어디서나 공연을 할 수 있게 만들었습니다.

Close up은 물론 필요에 따라 (팔러, 스테이지, 버스킹 전용)으로도 변신하여

사용 할 수 있는 것이 큰 특징입니다. (팔러/스테이지, 버스킹 전용 다리는 추후에 출시예정) 

100개 한정판으로 제작 되어 소장가치가 있는 상품 입니다.

(가방 안 뚜껑에는 일련번호가 적혀 있습니다.)

피노키오의 나무가방(Table)은 가격이 비싸지만,

이 제품의 가치와 실용성, 세련된 디자인을 고려 하신다면 결코 비싸지 않습니다.

세상에 단 하나뿐인 핸드메이드 가방(Table)으로 차별화 된 공연을 만들어 가시길 바랍니다.

이 제품은 수제작이므로 제작하는 기간이 약 2~3주 정도 걸리는점

양해 부탁드립니다.

​a luxurious design

Made of North American walnut trees and cowhide, it gives you a more enticing look.
By adding luxury to the patterns of the wood, you can show differentiated performances.

All the wooden frames are different, handmade, limited edition.
I'm going to show you the only thing in the world.


an easy and easy way

You can easily switch to the Close Up Table by removing the top plate from the slide system.

It's easy to carry anytime, anywhere, and it's easy to switch to the table as needed.

 Stage / Palour / Close Up (Standing) / Street Performance


practical table system

The bridge is not included.

You can use one table as five practical tables depending on the situation.


Close up 









a large and practical storage space

In addition to cards, coins, pens, and other items that can be used in the Close Up, it has been designed to be practical and simple to collect ninjaing or large tools.


four-stage height adjustment system

It's got a chain that doesn't move forward, and it's got a device that can adjust the height.
Depending on your situation, you can adjust it to the desired height.






The bridge is not included.

Close Up mode

Cards and coins, as well as Cops & Balls, are made of cushioned pads using high-end velvet.

And when I was performing on the street or on the Close Up, I took care to make sure that I could see the audience in the distance with the height control system.


Stage / Parlour Table mode


behind the scenes

When the audience looks at the table, they can't see the tools inside.

If you plug it into a handle after a cane or a long object appears, it can be used to prevent it from falling down.

The bridge is not included.

​in front of

A hat, a large cube, a box, etc. is conveniently performed when you are performing a production. 

You can use it.


Even if it's up. 
Slide system makes it easy to remove or discard items


It's sticking out to the end of the table.
It's designed to be able to put up a table, put up a card or something, and direct it.

ex) cards Montes, stage,  parlour etc.

Caution: This product is made of wood, so be careful of the following situations!!!

1. Don't give the product a strong impact
2. Don't store your product in a hot place.
3. Since the wood is raw, there may be some contractionary expansion depending on the temperature.
4. Don't eat. Give it up to magic.
5. When foreign substances are present, wipe with a wet tissue and wipe with a dry cloth immediately.
6. Be careful not to touch the water due to the nature of the trees (Wipe with a dry cloth as soon as the water is wet).

※ Geppetto operates an A/S service and you can order magic tools.

(A/S service delivery fee will be charged to you)
(Please understand that order-making products cannot be returned or refunded.)

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