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Wood Card Case


TYPE : Accessary

SIZE : 115 x 85 x 30

TIME : 2~3 weeks

PRICE :  55,000

COLOR : Choco/Vanilla

​Creator : P.O

It is luxurious and made of North American (a walnut/ maple tree) developed by Geppetto.
This is a beautiful eco-friendly handmade card case.

Closing the tree with natural oil is harmless to the human body.
It's a unique and simple design created by two trees.

It was first introduced at the 2018 FISM and is expensive than previously low-cost card cases.
It's a luxury product for those who want a special case of their own.

You grab the card case and you hold it like one hand pan, and it opens up. 
It's a system that automatically raises cards.

And you can throw it away and use the card routine in the case.
It is also a flush card case that can be used as a flush routine.

The colors are Choco/Vanilla in total.

For those of you who buy a card case from Geppetto,

We're giving you free initials or simple letters (requires counseling!).

ex) H S P, PIO, KIO

It's a card case already used by famous magicians.
This product is made in 500 limited editions worldwide, and has a small value.

It's a custom-made product,

so please understand that it takes about two to three weeks.^^

I hope you can create a unique performance with the only Hand Made Card case in the world.


Geppetto's Simple and Refined Design


It is made from North American walnut and maple trees to give you a more distinctive and beautiful look.
The patterns of the wood can be differentiated by adding classiness.

The color is made up of two colors, Choco/Vanilla, and the wood is all different.
We don't have the same product.  

It's made up of 500 limited editions to add value to your collection.
I'm going to show you the only thing in the world.


Geppetto Box + Cardcase + Pouch + Product Manual + Cleaning Brush


It's packed in luxurious boxes and pockets, so it's a great gift for the person you care about.

If dust or foreign substances are buried, use the included brush to clean and manage areas that are difficult to reach.

system of automatic case lifting


Hold the card case and open it like one hand pan. 
It's built into a system where cards are automatically raised.

And you can throw it away and use the card routine in the case.
It is also a flush card case that can be used as a flush routine.


Caution: This product is made of wood, so be careful of the following situations!!!

1. Don't give the product a strong impact
2. Don't store your product in a hot place.
3. Since the wood is raw, there may be some contractionary expansion depending on the temperature.
4. Don't eat. Give it up to magic.
5. When foreign substances are present, wipe with a wet tissue and wipe with a dry cloth immediately.
6. Be careful not to touch the water due to the nature of the trees (Wipe with a dry cloth as soon as the water is wet).

※ Geppetto operates an A/S service and you can order magic tools.
(A/S service delivery fee will be charged to you)
(Please understand that magic tool order production cannot be returned or refunded.)

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